26 March 2009

Cheap and Easy Drawer organizers

My name is Laura, and I'm a serial organizer. Every few months I get a sudden urge and have to reorganize some room in the apartment (followed by a confused boyfriend for a couple of weeks). This time is was the bathroom; since moving in a year and a half ago, I had yet to give a full effort for making the space more efficient. After a good few hours of organizing, cookie break, organizing, internet break, organizing, another cookie break, and organizing I finally have a nice non-cluttered bathroom! Shown here is my make-up drawer:

An easy and cheap way to organize this space is by creating boxes for each section. Using old food boxes or hair product boxes, each type of product can have their own individual space (or however else you choose to organize it). There are two types of boxes you can create: a regular tabbed box like in the top right image or cut a box into sections between 1-3inches high, depending on what will be inside it, and staple them together for more stability like in the bottom left image. You can also tape or glue them but for a quick long lasting method stapling is perfect.

Color Inspiration

1. #EEE79F
2. #EAD086
3. #E6BA73
4. #82C38B
5. #3F3830

Cereal box lights

This cute idea came from designer Anke Weiss. I could easily see this project be incorporated into a home. If you want to make it a bit cleaner looking (so you won't be looking at a cereal box during the day..) you could undo the box and flip it so the brown cardboard is facing out or purchase something like these boxes from ikea and mount them on a wall.

25 March 2009

Simply Modern Pattern Set

My second set of patterns for Photoshop, keeping along the hand drawn look. This time with color, tones and more elaborate details.

Available for download here
Free for personal and commercial use.

06 March 2009

Designing by Art

Art can inspire in many different ways. Here, I take a lovely illustration by Sophie Alda to design a room. Soft textured neutrals are combined with pops of peacock blue and red for a soothing but colorful bedroom.

1. Crowned crane duvet- Anthropologie 2. Coral Spray sheets- Martha Stewart 3. Textured solid pillow cover- Pottery Barn 4. Bamboo Chenille Throw- Pottery Barn 5. Coupled Songbird Pillow- Anthropologie 6. Mandal bed- Ikea 7. Wool Shag rug- UrbanOutfitters 8. Tetra cabinet by not Neutral- 2modern 9. Small Deco pendant- 2modern 10. Alba Long Neck vases- Target

05 March 2009

Thursday's Etsy Find

Kate McKenzie - Shop

When looking for a wedding ring I knew I wanted something unique but not ridiculous. Not really a fan of big gaudy jewels, although great at times, I needed something I could wear day to day. That's when I found the bow ring by Kate McKenzie. Mine was purchased with 3 diamonds and is absolutely perfect (pictured above).

All of her pieces are very original and have a cute edge to them. Including a
collection inspired by cereal and hardware. More pieces at her website.

04 March 2009

Color Inspiration

1. F6F0F8
2. F7E7D4
3. D9538F
4. 434A85
5. 000000

03 March 2009

Handdrawn Basic Pattern Set

While drawing I tend go into little repetitive patterns all over the place. The kinks and 'it's not perfect' look is charming to me. I searched for patterns available online and could not seem to find anything with that look. Thus inspiring me to make first pattern set for photoshop.

Available for download here
Free for personal and commercial use.