26 March 2009

Cheap and Easy Drawer organizers

My name is Laura, and I'm a serial organizer. Every few months I get a sudden urge and have to reorganize some room in the apartment (followed by a confused boyfriend for a couple of weeks). This time is was the bathroom; since moving in a year and a half ago, I had yet to give a full effort for making the space more efficient. After a good few hours of organizing, cookie break, organizing, internet break, organizing, another cookie break, and organizing I finally have a nice non-cluttered bathroom! Shown here is my make-up drawer:

An easy and cheap way to organize this space is by creating boxes for each section. Using old food boxes or hair product boxes, each type of product can have their own individual space (or however else you choose to organize it). There are two types of boxes you can create: a regular tabbed box like in the top right image or cut a box into sections between 1-3inches high, depending on what will be inside it, and staple them together for more stability like in the bottom left image. You can also tape or glue them but for a quick long lasting method stapling is perfect.

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Carrie said...

I'm a big fan of organizing myself. Unfortunately my stuff doesn't stay organized for long ;)

PS: I've given you some awards. Check out my blog for the details.